50% of India do not have access to safe sanitation. Access to safe drinking water and hygienic conditions to have a decent life is equally bad. The issues further adding significant impact on health of the poor. Diarrhea is often caused by a lack of clean water for proper hand-washing. Lack of toilets further exacerbate the problem as feces on the ground contribute to contaminated drinking water and water resources. Goal 6 of Sustainable Development Goals seeks to “ensure availability and sustainable management of water and sanitation for all”. It is a comprehensive goal addresses the entire water cycle, from access to use and efficiency, and the integrated management of water resources and water-related ecosystems.

In today’s India these challenges are turned around as opportunities to offer innovative solutions. Identifying business centric solutions to leverage these opportunities have become a new norm.

Ecociate brings unique skill sets to understand, map and analyse the needs of the users to offer enterprising solutions. Our ability to generate insights the dynamics in such low income communities serve as an impetus to design and deliver sustainable business solutions. At the same time adoption of technological breakthroughs in these sectors needs serious capacity to design and develop innovative business applications. We at Ecociate offers such high end solutions.

Ecociate works with a range of organisations such as international development agencies, corporate, social enterprises to help them design and deliver strategies in WASH sector.

Project - Example

We are supporting Water for People, India to develop its country strategy which focuses on how WfP would add value to the current needs of the country. We are also helping the team to develop a sanitation enterprise roadmap.