Sustainable Development Goals are not developmental goal alone. Private sector is the key pillar to achieve this. The recent study shows that a large as 87% of CEOs believe that SDGs provide an opportunity to rethink approaches to sustainable value creation. Further to this the global study reveals that 84% consumers say that they seek out responsible products whenever possible and this change is amounting to a market size of USD 2.4 trillion for those companies who are clearer with their sustainability commitments.

Ecociate works with private sector – that includes Corporate, MSMEs and social enterprises to support them to move towards creating sustainable business models (SBMs). It offers knowledge and strategic support through appropriate research and consulting skills that ensure creation of such models. Ecociate, in addition brings adequate expertise to build inclusive sustainable models by addressing the needs of the poor who are many a times left out at illegitimate stakeholders of the industry they cater to.

Three senior team members of Ecociate are recognized by CII as Sustainability Assessors. The team carries the experience of developing a number of SBMs for large corporate. Climate change adoptive strategy, biodiversity centric framework for private sector, education curriculum on SBMs are some key areas the team has built its capacity over the years.

Ecociate has brought in sustainability principles and actions into the sectors it serves like agribusiness, sanitation, health etc.