Assessments of fish markets

Assessments of fish markets

Project Name: Assessments of fish markets in project area and developing business plan and training module for stakeholders

Client Name: UN Adaptation Fund / TAAL

Project Location: Madhya Pradesh


  1. Climate adaptive value chain development.
  2. Assessment of fish markets in project area.
  3. Business model development for fisheries.
  4. Training module development and delivery.

Activities Performed:

  1. Literature review
  2. FGD with fish farmers.
  3. IDI with a range of stakeholders involved in inland fisheries
  4. Multimedia training
  5. Fish Market assessment report of project area
  6. Prepared 3 climate resilient business plan for natural ponds and 1 Business plan for Hatchery
  7. Developed a Training Module for Trainers and Imparted Training