Ecociate Consultants Private Limited (Ecociate) is a Business Consultancy firm, with a focus on business innovation and sustainability, for both social and corporate businesses. It believes in an inclusive approach to Business, in which consumers are important stakeholders and most business solutions are developed through co-creation. Similarly it believes in creating opportunities of excellence through synergy and collaborations with organizations that specialize with technology, sectoral knowledge or direct reach to community. Ecociate has in a short span of time signed business partnerships with the esteemed organizations

Enterprise for a Sustainable World (ESW)

ESW, USA ( for a Sustainable World (ESW) works directly with companies to develop and nurture the capabilities necessary for sustainable enterprise. It provides consulting services and education that facilitates effective clean technology, base of the pyramid, and green leap initiatives. The focus is on the development of new strategies (business models, goals, and partnerships) and the removal of internal organizational impediments to change (systems, processes and mindsets) to accelerate “beyond greening” innovation.

Ecociate consultants and ESW have agreed to work towards developing necessary skills needed to launch on-the-ground field experiments to incubate and scale the technologies and markets of tomorrow.

Keansa Solutions LLP

Keansa , Hyderabad ( Keansa Solutions LLP (KEANSA), a for-profit, limited liability partnership firm, provides solutions in Supply Chain Technology and Enterprise systems domain. Keansa has developed a Technology platform for Community Based Agricultural Businesses that are suitable for Farmer Cooperatives, Farmer Producer Organizations, and organizations of similar genre. Keansa’s solution is targeted to improve transparency, planning, operational efficiencies and profitability of its customer base.

Keansa and Ecociate having recognized synergies between their respective domains of expertise and having identified a common customer base that can be served through their combined efforts, now wish to undertake a Pilot program to validate this opportunity on the field. The goal of this Pilot program is to implement Keansa’s solution in few target organizations and gain feedback that would in turn enhance the product and service offering. The goal is also to achieve the aforesaid within frugal means and accelerated time.

  1. Keansa Responsibilities: Keansa will be the technology provider, who will develop, host and service the product. Keansa will also bring in its experience in Value Chain Planning and design.
  2. Ecociate Responsibilities: Ecociate will bring in their deep Agri-Business domain knowledge to suitably modify the solution. It would identify potential list of candidates for field testing and validation. Ecociate will be responsible for selecting appropriate businesses, demonstration of solution, implementation and field testing of the solution, training the end users and gather customer feedback.

HBS Global, Dubai (

HBS Global FZC is a group of companies based in RAK FTZ, UAE which provides services to industry, commercial and trade organizations, related to market research and marketing, accounting and financial management. It advisory and support services help in forward and backward linkage in the business and also develop business integration & synergy in the areas of sales & international trading.

Ecociate Consultants and HBS Global have agreed to offer their services to clients in India, Middle East and Northern Africa, which will include consumer research, channel research, market insights and marketing strategies.