Ecociate creates applicable knowledge from the rich repository of experience and skill of the team members which is driven by our passion to make the world a better place to live in for all.

Since the last two decades, the base of the pyramid in India and the world over has changed their respective paradigms considerably. While each player in each sector are different and require customized support, the need of the hour calls for out-of- the-box innovation and technology led sustainable solutions for all actors in the space.

Equipped with a highly skilled and experienced team of professionals Ecociate does not stop at only creating knowledge and advisory for the BoP, but delivers practical and customized solutions for actors in the BoP environment. Our passion for solving problems at the BoP not only guides us to generate actual solutions but also differentiates us from other consulting and advisory organizations.

Driven by the passion and assisted by technology, Ecociate ensures that its solution provision framework digs into the following;

  • Appropriate technical capabilities and experiences are of the team member are utilized to collect and analyse information.
  • Analysed information is used to generate Knowledge and critical insights
  • The knowledge thus created is strategized for applications at the BoP.