Ecociate’s service offering for Social Businesses is deep rooted and spread across mainly four types of organizations which are

  • Community owned Social enterprises promoted and nurtured by various development initiatives including Farmer Producer Organizations, Cooperatives, Primary Producers’ Companies, etc. which struggle to attain stability in Business.
  • Companies and Corporate houses which have been in business for long but have realized that in order to grow and sustain, they require community level partnerships and hence are keen to generate positive social outcomes of their businesses.
  • New generation Social Enterprises which have been initiated in solving social issues through their business mandates but face difficulties mid-way across various business functions.
  • Impact funders and funding organizations engaged in funding and supporting social enterprises which require detailed assessments of risks, opportunities and capabilities of their beneficiaries.

Is the FPO promoted by you capable of formulating Climate Resilient business plans for their business?
Since the last decade, in a bid to sustain development initiatives and bilateral projects, there has been a conscious effort to promote and nurture community led or managed institutions like Farmer Producer Organizations (FPO) in the form of Primary Producers’ Companies and Cooperatives. The journey of these institutions to become sustainable social enterprises across various products and services, is often not smooth with several management and business related issues cropping up. These social businesses require a range of support including Business Plan preparation, capacity Building, Marketing linkage initiatives etc.

Ecociate offers customized solutions pertaining to long term sustenance of these enterprises keeping in mind the social, economic and environmental sustainability of these institutions.