Around 70% of the growth in the world over the next few years will come from emerging markets. As per Mckinsey report, consumer spending in emerging markets is expected to grow three times faster than in developed nations, reaching a total of $6 trillion by 2020.
Despite of these opportunities, two of the most pressing challenges faced by emerging markets are Poverty and Climate Change. More than 40 percent of the world’s poor live in developing countries. On the other hand, as per a new study from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, wealthier nations were found to be far less affected by temperature variations than developing and poor countries.

As a result, organizations in emerging markets have started to commit themselves towards sustainable solutions.

Our purpose
We empower organizations by creating sustainable and innovative solutions which facilitates them to improve the overall quality of life for their customers or communities.

Ecociate is a business consulting firm which is committed to work towards creating innovative and sustainable business solutions for Bottom of Pyramid communities in emerging markets .

We are a knowledge based organization with capacity to Ideate, Conceptualize and Activate new business solutions through a process of Community Co-creation and Business Modeling for social and corporate businesses.

Our team has a cumulative experience of more than 80+ years in the service areas of Research, Consulting and Capacity building. We have worked in Asian and African countries for leading organizations and corporate.