Assessments, Monitoring & Evaluations
Ecociate has an in house panel of CII Certified Sustainability Assessor for corporate. Three of our Directors are Sustainability Assessors and conduct assessments for corporate and CSR programs.

Institutional / Organizational assessment
Ecociate has recently assessed the works of 3 NGOs in Gujarat & Maharashtra under a program funded by a leading funding agency.

Impact Assessments 
We at Ecociate, supports organizations in assessing the impact of a current or proposed activity by applying the experience and knowledge gained in last 20 years. Leadership team of Ecociate have played leading role in designing and conducting the impact assessment studies to international organizations, leading NGOs, Bilateral projects and Corporate.

Ecociate have recently conducted Qualitative assessment of forward market strategies of initiatives of Katalyst in Bangladesh.

Techno feasibility assessments
We do help corporate and projects to assess the economical and technical feasibility of a proposed program before implementation.

Sustainability Assessment
CII certified Sustainability Assessor of Ecociate have assessed leading corporate in India under the CII sustainability award program.

Surveys – Baseline, Mid line and End line

Qualitative and quantitative researches techniques are applied b y the Ecociate conduct such research studies. Entire data collection process is done using the modern IT technologies such as smart phones and Tablets