Under the Nepal Agricultural Market Development Program (NAMDP), a delegation of 20 members visited India from 27th to 29th August, 2018 for an immersion  to the Agriculture Markets of India and postharvest operations carried out by various value chain stakeholders. The delegation comprised of project stakeholders such as representatives from Agriculture Department, Government of Nepal, NAMDP staff, members of the District Chamber of Commerce (DCC) and traders from various markets. For complete list of participants please refer Annex-1.

Ecociate Consultants Private Limited (hereafter Ecociate) identified appropriate markets and value chain stakeholders; did liaison and visited them to have first-hand understanding of their operations & seek their time for the immersion programme. Further, it facilitated and moderated interaction of the delegates during the visits.

During the 3 day program, participants visited 2 Govt. regulated markets (mandies) viz. Azadpur Mandi in Delhi state and Haldwani Mandi in Uttarakhand state of India. During the visit they interacted with multiple stakeholders, studied systems and processes put in by the Agri Produce Marketing Committee (APMC), studied available physical infrastructure in the mandi and witnessed live auction process in the mandi premises. Read More

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